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A Prayer

Dear Friends,

This is a prayer I wrote originally in Maltese, below you can find a translated version in English. You will have to excuse the English version as my translation skills are not up to scratch.

God Bless,


I do not deserve it sometimes, but I ask that you hear my prayer.
Here me for a little while, I beg you, though I know how busy you must be,
I can imagine with all the troubles in this world.
A world that you created…perfect in every aspect…and we,
Yes we, all the human beings, that you gave life to, what do we do?
We did all we could to demolish this wonderful planet.
Lord, you did all you could, so we would want for nothing,
But we were not happy with that, always wanting more, it was never enough.

Oh yes, WARS, one after the other, killing without thought or remorse,
I wonder how you feel, how disappointed you must be, with us human beings.
My Dear Lord, I was thinking, so you can help me somewhat but…
Although I need you like always, I think others and the whole world need yo more than me,
Eh, what do you think?

So, with that Lord I pray a little for myself and that you can help this planet of ours,
Help also the sick, those who are in trouble and please help all those that have lost loved ones.
Also pity those vandalizing your work of art…our planet,
Maybe one day they will stop hurting each other and start tolerating each other.
My Dear Lord, if I may, I would like to pray for all those who wish me bad things,
So in turn I may pay them back with love and best wishes.
May all those who love, keep loving, even though it’s hard some times.

Dear Lord, Jesus, from this end I promise, that as much as possible,
I will keep loving and helping my fellow human beings,
Even though sometimes I worry you, how should I put this, lets say with my swearing,
I am sorry and please give me the strength and intellect to talk properly.

Jesus my saviour please forgive me for the many times I hurt you and your mother with my words,
Above all else I pray to you my Lord, to look out for my family, you so kindly blessed me with.

In closing Jesus, I would like to thank you for listening to me,
Even though you have lots to do, you still found time for me,
And I, from here promise, that I too, will find time for you.
I promise as much as it is possible, I will help you with my actions,
So this world will be better than it is at this moment in time.