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Giving back to the community

As briefly mentioned on our home page we are firm believers in giving something back to the community, that being the case we have set up our own little in-house foundation. Now while there are many truly fantastic charities and foundations out there, all of whom we hold in high regard, we wanted to make a more direct impact. After much brain storming between the powers that be we've decided the best way to achieve our goal would be by helping someone in the community that is having more than their fair share of bad luck.

How Much Do We Contribute?

For every project we complete we donate 1% up to the value of $150.00 to our chosen family. We must stress here we are not asking for anyone else to donate at all, rather bringing to light the fact we are doing our bit for the community in our own little way. With that said we do not expect to receive any form of kudos or personal gain from what we do, everything is private and anonymous. Of course, due to the nature of our cause we do not wish to say anything about those we help and would like to think you understand why we do not wish to publish the names of those we help here. For those of you who may be unclear please allow us to clarify. Not only is the internet a global medium which can be read by most anyone in the world, no-one likes having aspects of their private lives made public either. We hope you can respect our position on this matter and should you be interested in our foundation please contact us and we will gladly explain what it is we are doing and why. Thanks for visiting and Much Thanks in Advance to anyone interested in helping our foundation along, The TLC Team.